As part of our mission to help all students achieve their potential, Schollyhas partnered with colleges and universities all over America to offer free scholarship-matching for their students, through our GIve:Scholly program.

Since Give:Scholly launched in March, dozens of schools including: New York University, Missouri State, Savannah State, and Grambling State have rolled it out, giving their students free access to the Scholly platform to help them identify and apply for scholarships and grants. Each student receives co-branded access to Scholly to make the scholarship search and application process easier. With the inclusion of NYU this fall, Scholly now delivers institution sponsored scholarship-matching access to over 80,000 undergraduate students across the nation.

“Student success starts with affording college, and this program can help students get there, and enable them to see it through.”

— Christopher Gray, Scholly Founder & CEO

To learn more about the Give:Scholly program contact Scholly’s Impact Executive David Hunt at: dhunt@