Scholly is proud to have partnered with Freeform to help student loan borrowers pay off $125,000 in student loan debt! After receiving over 160,000 applications, 3 winners were chosen!

Meet The Winners

Michelle is a first-generation college student currently working as an Intern Recruiter and Staffing Partner. She faced intense financial hardship after her family lost their home to a house fire during her senior year of high school, causing her to attend 3 universities throughout her time as an undergraduate. By winning the grown-ish Student Loan Payoff Program, Michelle hopes to create the financial freedom to purchase a home, support her parent’s financial needs, and provide a storied legacy for the next generation of her family.

After graduating from college and serving as an AmeriCorp volunteer, Jeffrey landed his dream job as a 4th-grade teacher. However, he has had to work multiple jobs throughout his 6 years of public school teaching in order to repay his student loans, often living paycheck-to-paycheck. By winning the grown-ish Student Loan Payoff Program, Jeffrey hopes to have the financial freedom to focus 100% on the work that means most to him.

Kendall works as a software engineer and has dreams of starting his own App Development & Consultation company. Kendall has had a knack for technology since growing up as his family’s “personal IT guy.” He hopes to close the technology-information gap that exists for many today. Winning the grown-ish Student Loan Payoff Program will help him make further strides toward his entrepreneurial goals, as well as give back financially to his family.

Thanks to everyone who applied to the grown-ish Student Loan Payoff Program!