If you’ve ever needed a job ASAP, spent hours filling out job applications, waited weeks to hear back, and then heard… nothing — JobGet might just become your new favorite job search app!

Why do we say that? Because JobGet is a little different from other job boards and apps you may be using. Within the app you can quickly create a resume, apply to jobs by just pressing a few buttons, and then schedule interviews with potential employers — all in one day!

But is JobGet the right job search tool for everyone? Probably not. And that’s why we’re going to go through the different pros and cons in this blog post so you can determine if it can help you find your next job.

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What Is JobGet?

JobGet is a complete job search app that makes it quick to apply to jobs and easy to communicate with employers throughout the hiring and application process. JobGet strives to be the best and fastest job search platform available by making it simple to:

  • Find jobs in your local community by using the app’s advanced search features
  • Create a profile in around 5 minutes that can also be turned into a resume
  • Chat with and video call hiring managers within the app to make the entire process of finding a job more efficient for both employers and job seekers

To date, hundreds of thousands of people have used JobGet to find jobs, and over 10,000 employers have advertised job opportunities on the platform.

What Makes JobGet Different from Other Job Search Apps?

There are many job search apps for you to choose from these days. So, what makes JobGet different from the rest? Here are a few of the key pros and cons that can help you decide if JobGet is worth giving a shot as you look for your next job.


Instant chat with employers

When comparing JobGet and other job apps, the feature that stands out the most is the instant chat feature. On JobGet, employers and job seekers can send instant messages, schedule meetings, and conduct video interviews.

And this feature is a big deal! Why? Because it can drastically cut down the time you spend (and often waste) while trying to find a new job. Since you can chat with employers right away, you can ask questions to determine if the job will be a good fit.

Hiring managers can also reach out to you directly if they view your profile and think you’d be a good fit for an open job opportunity.

Apply to jobs with just a few clicks

JobGet can also cut down the time you spend on the application process. Creating a profile on JobGet only takes about 5 minutes (we’ll show you how soon). And, once your profile is complete, you can apply for jobs by just pressing a few buttons.

If you’ve ever uploaded your resume to a job application portal and later found out that you’d need to manually enter the same information again, you know that this feature is another really good one!

Narrow your job search to local hourly jobs

Another thing that makes JobGet different from other job apps is that it exclusively features jobs for hourly employees. Typically, if you’re looking for those types of jobs, you’d have to search through all of the available jobs on job boards, like Indeed or Craigslist.

If you’re just looking for hourly work, then JobGet makes it simple to find exactly the types of jobs you’re looking for. We’ll show you some examples of job categories on the platform in a minute.

Complete job applications entirely from your phone

Since JobGet simplifies the application process, you can pretty much do everything from your phone.

Within the JobGet app, you can search for jobs, submit applications, and then start talking directly with employers. All of this means you can shorten your job search process to just a few minutes a day.

Find other ways to make and save money

In addition to the job market listings on the app, there’s also a section called “Extra Income”. There you can find ways to:


Still a relatively new platform

Compared to some other job apps, JobGet is still a new platform for job seekers and employers. This means that the number of jobs on the platform may be limited unless you live in one of the cities where JobGet has had the most success getting employers to post open jobs on their platform.

Only suitable for finding hourly jobs

JobGet is currently focused on helping workers looking for hourly, local jobs. So, if you’re looking for full-time positions with a fixed annual salary, JobGet may not be the best job search app for you.

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Find on JobGet?

You’re most likely to find a job on JobGet if you’re looking for an hourly job. What’s that mean? Basically, it’s any job where you get paid an hourly wage instead of a fixed annual salary.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a wide range of jobs on JobGet! For example, you can find:

  • Accounting & Finance jobs
  • Admin jobs
  • Bank jobs
  • Barista jobs
  • Caregiver jobs
  • Cashier jobs
  • Catering jobs
  • Creative & Design jobs
  • Customer service jobs
  • Delivery jobs
  • Hospitality jobs
  • Hotel jobs
  • Housekeeper jobs
  • Nanny jobs
  • Non-profit jobs
  • Part-time jobs
  • Receptionist jobs
  • Retail jobs
  • Sales jobs
  • Security jobs
  • Server jobs
  • Travel jobs
  • Truck driver jobs
  • Warehouse jobs

How to Find a Job on JobGet

Ready to begin job searching on JobGet? Here’s how you create an account and use this job search app to find your next job!

Step 1: Download the JobGet App

To use JobGet, you first need to download the free JobGet app. You can begin the process of downloading the app by clicking this link. JobGet is available on both the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!

Step 2: Create a profile 

Next, you’ll need to create a profile on the app. To do that, you’ll need to fill in information about your:

  • Work experience (previous titles, company names, how long you worked there, an optional description of what you did)
  • Your highest level of education
  • Any certifications or licenses
  • Your personal bio

You’ll also be asked to upload a photo of yourself because, according to the app, applicants with photos are 70% more likely to get interviews.

After you’re done, you’ll also have the option to use their automatic resume builder. It will generate a resume using the information from your new profile. And you can use that resume to apply for jobs wherever you find them — even if they’re not on JobGet!

Step 3: Search for jobs 

Now that your profile is complete, you’re ready to start job searching! Based on your personal information, the app will automatically start recommending jobs that could be a good fit for you.

You can also use the app’s filters to find jobs based on when the employer posted the job opportunity, the job type (full-time jobs vs. part-time jobs), and the distance from your location.

There’s also a search bar if you’d like to look for specific job categories and titles (e.g. barista jobs) or specific companies.

Step 4: Apply for interesting jobs 

Once you’ve found an interesting job, you can usually apply for it with just one push of a button. Seriously!

For any job that’s labeled “EASY APPLY”, all you have to do is click a button and you’re done. The employer will receive your application, review the information listed on your profile, and contact you if they agree you could be a good fit for the job.

Step 5: Interview for jobs

If employers like your profile, you can set up a video interview within the app. And because JobGet really does make it simple for employers and job seekers, all of these steps (1-5) could happen as soon as today!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to find an hourly job near you ASAP, JobGet could be your new favorite job search app! With features like instant chat with employers, an automatic resume builder, and a one-click application process, it’s a job app that can help you find your next job in no time.

But, as we mentioned earlier, JobGet may not be the right job app for you if you’re looking for salaried positions that require advanced proficiency in technical skills.

And if you’re looking for other ways to make and save money, check out the rest of our blog where we share tips on topics like how to save money in college and how to build credit fast!