You probably know by now that Scholly matches you with scholarships meant just for you, instantly. But did you that we help you manage them too!

Once you build a profile on Scholly and get matched to scholarships (it even has something called a ‘Scholly Score’ which indicates how well matched you are to a scholarship to help you prioritize) scroll through the list and hit ‘Save’for the ones to which you’d like to apply. These saved scholarships will show up on your ‘Saved’ list which you can access by clicking on the ‘Saved’ button at the top of your scholarship list.

You now have your favorite scholarships ‘Saved’ and you can start applying! Be sure to keep track of deadlines and maybe even make yourself an application schedule. Once you’ve started on a scholarship application, you can click the ‘In Progress’ button on the scholarship box to mark that you are still working on it. Once you have finished that application, click on the ‘Applied’ button. The scholarship will have a blue tick next to it and be moved to the bottom of your ‘Saved’ list.

If and when you win a scholarship, the scholarship program will contact you directly. At that point, log into Schollyand click the ‘Won’ button. A green trophy will appear next to the scholarship you won, and THAT feel really, reallygood!

Happy applying!